Following are comments from my clients about the work I’ve done for them:

March 20, 2014

Client: Christina Brown

“Marcy’s careful attention to both details and the broader picture improved my writing tremendously. She gives honest feedback, which is exactly what I wanted and needed. It’s almost scary to think of how much worse my book might be if it weren’t for her insightful feedback. On top of all that, Marcy is a pleasure to work with.”

June 19, 2012:
Client : Dean Homicki/ Via ELance
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 |Web Content
Feedback Comments: Professional, talented and an extremely competent writer.”

Client: Jamison Green, PhD
Posted on LinkedIn March 28, 2012

“Marcy is a fantastic editor and writer! As an editor, she’s thorough, conscientious, creative, intelligent, and tough in just the right way. She lets you know when something doesn’t communicate, and she’s often able to give a writer inspiring insight about making words work. As a writer, she’s fast, clever, creative, and adaptable. She knows how to get to the heart of any story, and she can take a project from scraps of notes to finished document or book with amazing ease. She works very hard to make anything read so easy!” 

I’ve worked with Marcy many times over the years, and am always impressed by her editing talents. I can honestly recommend her to do an inspiring job on any writing project.–Susie Bright, writer, speaker

Marcy is one of the few editors I’ve known who actually listens to writers. She doesn’t insist that her point of view is necessarily best, but engages the writer in conversation about the work. She’s a pleasure to work with, and to learn from.–Susan St. Aubin, writer

Marcy’s incredibly good editorial ear helps flesh out what the writer wanted to say–even when the writer doesn’t quite say it. Marcy also has the ability to pull those same well-edited stories together into anthologies where each individual piece complements the others to create an even stronger whole. I’ve worked with her many times, and her editing has made my stories stronger in books I love to read. –Kate Dominic, writer

Marcy – or should I say Sister Marcy! – I just read the review of my book on your blog, and I’m sitting here typing with tears in my eyes. First of all, I admire the way you write and wish you the very best with the blog and all other writing endeavors. Second, it was as if you read my mind in that review. You summed up perfectly what I intended with the book and what I felt during the journey. Maybe you were my ghostwriter and I didn’t know it! Thanks so much. Truly.– Jane Heller, author, Confessions of a She-Fan

“I have dealt with many ghostwriters, and no one comes close to Marcy’s skill, creativity and professionalism. Proficient, intelligent, and talented, she gets the job done on time and absolutely impresses my clients. She is my go-to ghostwriter from here on out. I recommend her 100%!“ –Alicia Dunams, Book Writing, Publishing and Marketing Coach for Business Owners

Tommy Tompkins
Writer, freelance (colleague)
May 28, 2013

“Marcy’s a great writer and an interesting, entertaining person to work with. I recommend her without reservation.”

Marcy Sheiner has a kick-ass wit and cuts right to the heart of whatever she chooses to write about. I’ve enjoyed and benefitted from having her as a collaborator. Her honest feedback has helped me with my own writing.” – Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D, Sex Worker turned Author/Sexologist. Anniesprinkle.org


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