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The Book Biz: A Changing Landscape

I’m finally relenting when it comes to contemporary methods of publishing, promoting, and selling books, after a year of reading almost exclusively on the Kindle. I’m a believer—I like it primarily for the ease of reading while eating!—and I’m joining … Continue reading

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Some Awesome Editing Going On

Wow! I’ve just been reading a bunch of interviews with editors, and I am beyond impressed. I thought I was a great editor, but these people are fantastic, at least from what they say. What most impresses me is that they read … Continue reading

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Reviewing Books: Tips

Photo: Napa Valley / Joan Greengrass   Writing book reviews, whether online or in print,  doesn’t pay enormously, but it pays something, and it comes with a few perks. What better way to spend one’s time, if you’re a writer and … Continue reading

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Editor! Editor!

“…a pair of wrinkled ears protruded from each side…”– Lot 249 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Wow! The guy had 4, count’em, FOUR ears! Where was the freakin’ editor?

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Reading As A Writer

Next time you read a book, pay attention to the following: Fiction: Whose point of view is presented? One character? Many? Omniscient narrator? Does the author change vocabulary when attention is on different characters? Notice if and how the author … Continue reading

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