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The Book Biz: A Changing Landscape

I’m finally relenting when it comes to contemporary methods of publishing, promoting, and selling books, after a year of reading almost exclusively on the Kindle. I’m a believer—I like it primarily for the ease of reading while eating!—and I’m joining … Continue reading

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Some Awesome Editing Going On

Wow! I’ve just been reading a bunch of interviews with editors, and I am beyond impressed. I thought I was a great editor, but these people are fantastic, at least from what they say. What most impresses me is that they read … Continue reading

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Ghostwriting: How It Works

Part I To some people, the ghostwriting process seems strange and mysterious. They wonder how a complete stranger can possibly manage to write an entire book when it exists only in their own heads. That it does work might prove … Continue reading

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Trendy Language

“Children don’t start trends. That’s why I like them.—Fran Liebowitz, misanthrope extraordinaire The trends that bug me the most are linguistic. Some years ago I began noticing the process by which a new word or phrase, or new usage for … Continue reading

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The Holy Agent

“It does no harm to repeat, as often as you can,’ Without me the literary industry would not exist: the publishers, the agents, the sub-agents, the sub-sub agents, the accountants, the libel lawyers, the departments of literature, the professors, the … Continue reading

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