2 River Dreams


Christina’s River Dream

The river rushes by
and we study its debris
or look to the rocks
up ahead.
We drown in the unmeasured current
reaching to retrieve what was lost.


River’s Revenge

Down Mississippi I hear
the mighty river’s raging
swelling up to crazy heights
gathering power as she goes.

Goin’ down to Louisiana –
Sorry but I can’t take you.

Tossing aside houses in her path
little boxes now abandoned
by their weeping owners.
Evacuations. Loss. Disbelief –

Seen nothin’ like this since ‘37

A traitor to my species,
I’m rooting for the river:
You go, Miss Issippi
You show ‘em who’s the boss!

Did we think we could go on
in greedy arrogance forever?
Now you can’t ignore the force
of the stunning river roaring,

You guys wrote the book.
I just went with the flow.


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