Sex For The Clueless

Sex for the Clueless:
How to Enjoy A More Erotic and Exciting LifeClueless Cover


My sexual self-help book—doesn’t every writer have one?—came out in August 2001. By the time I had copies in hand and was ready to do readings, 9/11 had occurred and nobody was reading books about sex; all they wanted to read about was Islam. I’m lax as it is about publicity; between that and the timing, Sex for the Clueless was swiftly relegated to the crowded warehouses of overlooked volumes. Clueless is still available on Amazon, and it’s well worth a read (she said modestly), as these reviews testify:

“I bought this book at my local bookstore and it’s wonderful! Funny, informative and downright clever. It’s the best new sex guide I’ve read in a long, long time.”

“A wonderful book! although it did not teach me about sex (this i know already) it did help me feel more comfortable talking about sexuality with my children. I want them to grow up confident and at ease with their sexual side, and while i wouldn’t go into all the details found in these pages with them, I would certainly keep those very important lines of communication open.”

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