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The State of the (Publishing) Art (Again)

One of my favorite books in the groundswell of feminist writing that emerged from the 1970’s Women’s Movement was Marge Piercy’s Woman on the Edge of Time. Residents in the Utopia of the story spent a good deal of their … Continue reading

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When Language Changes

The podcast has become my primary form of cultural enlightenment, and lately I’ve been listening to A Way With Words where Grant Barrett and Martha Barnette answer questions about words and phrases in the English language—or, according to the official … Continue reading

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The Necessity of A Common Language

This morning a researcher from Stanford University was on Democracy NOW! reporting on a new climate study, the results of which were predictably scary – I think. I say I think because I couldn’t swear that I correctly understood what … Continue reading

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Trendy Language

“Children don’t start trends. That’s why I like them.—Fran Liebowitz, misanthrope extraordinaire The trends that bug me the most are linguistic. Some years ago I began noticing the process by which a new word or phrase, or new usage for … Continue reading

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