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Some Awesome Editing Going On

Wow! I’ve just been reading a bunch of interviews with editors, and I am beyond impressed. I thought I was a great editor, but these people are fantastic, at least from what they say. What most impresses me is that they read … Continue reading

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Writers Are Workers

Ever since I began blogging in 2007 I’ve posted an annual Labor Day semi-rant defending the high salaries of baseball players (yes, defending them) and complaining about the economics of being a writer. Writers have much in common with baseball … Continue reading

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Ghostwriting: How It Works

Part I To some people, the ghostwriting process seems strange and mysterious. They wonder how a complete stranger can possibly manage to write an entire book when it exists only in their own heads. That it does work might prove … Continue reading

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FAQs for Editing and Ghostwriting Q. How much do you charge?  A. There are no fixed industry standards for writing and editing services; prices are all over the map. The Editorial Freelancers Association provides a pretty good list of guidelines. I charge … Continue reading

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To Write or To Hire

Just about everyone has a book percolating inside them. Some people might have more than one, but nearly everyone has at least one. Most often it’s their life story, but it could be a long reasoned argument on some topical … Continue reading

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