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Writers Are Workers

Ever since I began blogging in 2007 I’ve posted an annual Labor Day semi-rant defending the high salaries of baseball players (yes, defending them) and complaining about the economics of being a writer. Writers have much in common with baseball … Continue reading

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Creating An Outline

The most helpful thing a client can do for a ghostwriter is to supply him or her with a detailed outline of the book to be written. Working from an outline makes the job of ghostwriting ten times easier than … Continue reading

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Ghostwriting: How It Works

Part I To some people, the ghostwriting process seems strange and mysterious. They wonder how a complete stranger can possibly manage to write an entire book when it exists only in their own heads. That it does work might prove … Continue reading

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Trendy Language

“Children don’t start trends. That’s why I like them.—Fran Liebowitz, misanthrope extraordinaire The trends that bug me the most are linguistic. Some years ago I began noticing the process by which a new word or phrase, or new usage for … Continue reading

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Common Publishing Myths

Many aspiring authors believe things they’ve heard about the publishing business that are outdated or patently false. Dispensing with these myths will help avoid some common mistakes, and save you time and energy. The following apply primarily to books of … Continue reading

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