This is the online home of writer and editor Marcy Sheiner!

I consider myself a genre-busting writer—meaning I write in a wide variety of forms and venues, classified by category only when absolutely forced to do so. I’ve anthologized a dozen collections of women’s erotic fiction; published four of my own books and eight as a ghostwriter under other people’s names, and wrote several other novels yet to see the light of day. My essays, stories, and poetry have appeared in a number of anthologies, and I did journalism pre-Internet, when newspapers could afford to pay freelancers. The complete list of my publications are posted on this website.

In the editing department, I excel at preparing people’s manuscripts for submission to publishers or self-publishing. I take great pride in my ability to perfect others writers’ work while maintaining their distinctive style, evident in the kudos my clients hand me for doing it (see Testimonials). A list of services and prices are also posted. If you’re interested in hiring me for editing, proofreading, or any other kind of consultation on your book or other writing, email me at msheiner07@gmail.com.

You can also visit  Dirty Laundry, a blog where I cover any and every topic that appeals to me, with some emphasis on motherhood, women’s issues, and baseball. Yes, I’m eclectic.




3 Responses to About

  1. Meg Files says:

    What is the source of the anecdote about Thomas Hardy? (friend asks wife “Did Mr. Hardy have a good day of writing?”)

  2. Word Alchemist says:

    …the saga continues. Good afternoon, Marcy. We communicated a few years back when I had a question about Herotica 7. I hope you are keeping well.
    I found out that after Down There Press reverted my rights in 2003 because they were not going to print, they went ahead shortly thereafter and published the anthology (including my story The Bath). I was able to buy a copy on Amazon with no problem. DTP never contacted me even though I have the same email address. I have not received a cent in royalties.
    In July, I sent correspondence to Jackie Strano at good Vibrations, which seems to have taken over DTP, but no one responded. I’m prepared to retain a lawyer to pursue this matter.
    Being in Canada, that may be a costly venture, but it’s a matter of copyright law and the fairness principle. I’m wondering if you know of other authors who had their copyright infringed as I did and if they received any compensation.

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